Experiential webinars are a video workshop, lecture or presentation hosted online to anyone around the world. These 45-minute interactive sessions are designed to engage, entertain and impart knowledge to attendees. They are convenient making it possible for events to take place any time and place.

Executive Presence in the Virtual World

Executive Presence is all about your ability to demonstrate your leadership and or industry expertise. It is reflected in your gravitas (your demeanour), what you say and how you speak and your overall appearance.


During in-person meetings, it’s easy to pick up characteristics that demonstrate a person’s executive presence, their charisma, their posture, confidence, strong handshake, eye contact, an authoritative tone of voice, their attire and overall command of the room.

Now that business meetings are taking place online, when presenting or pitching to a prospect or client, those characteristics are not easily translated online.


You are now operating in an environment where you can no longer pick up on the subtle nuances of whether your messages are resonating.


Conveying executive presence virtually requires a different presentation skillset than when delivering your message in person.


In this 45-minute webinar, discover tips and techniques on how you can virtually convey your executive presence; demonstrate your gravitas via core competencies, use engaging language and speak effectively and show up professionally with your attire and technically on the small screen.


Please contact Pamela directly by email at coaching@experiential.sg or telephone (+65) 6241 9834 to discuss having a webinar conducted for your organization.

Sell the Problem, Be the Solution

When it comes to writing copy for emails, marketing collaterals or even your ‘sales pitch/marketing message’, most brands or individuals focus on the WWD, (What We Do) which leaves the prospect thinking, ‘So what? What’s in it for me?’ The marketing copy tends to be all about you and not how you help.


As Mangers, Entrepreneurs, Sales Executives, Speakers and Consultants we get wrapped up in talking about ‘how we do things’ or the ‘features’ of our products and services.

Instead, we need to focus on the clients’ pain and problem and share with them the results, the benefits and transformation that they will achieve as a result of working with you.


Discover a simple technique that allows you to easily put together a marketing message that speaks to the clients and prospects hot buttons. It’s time for you to Sell the Problem, then be the Solution.

In this 45-minute webinar, discover and implement an easy method for crafting a corporate/brand marketing message or marketing collateral using the Ray Edwards P-A-S-T-O-R technique. During this webinar, together with a worksheet, you’ll get an opportunity to craft a rough draft outline of the marketing copy to use for your next proposal, newsletter, brochure, social post or website using this technique.

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  • Move away from immediately selling yourself and your products and services
  • Identify the person, the pains and problems of your target audience
  • Sell the pain that they are experiencing so they say ‘yes, that’s me!’
  • Discover how to connect with prospects (clients) by sharing your story and solutions
  • Learn where to introduce your solution, pitch the offer
  • Deliver the transformation the client wants to see



Please contact Pamela directly by email at coaching@experiential.sg or telephone (+65) 6241 9834 to discuss having a webinar conducted for your organization.

Confidence, The Secret Weapon to Unlock the Workplace Gap

On paper, your credentials are identical to that of your male and female counterparts. Three of you are being interviewed for an up-and-coming position. After the first round of interviews, the other two moves on. You on the other hand have been dropped from the pool of candidates.


You wonder, why didn’t I move on? Part of you already knows the answer. It takes a close friend within the company to share that you lacked a key ingredient. You lacked confidence in yourself and your abilities.

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  • Discover the do’s and don’ts for increasing your confidence in the workplace and bridging the gap from where you are now to where you want to be.
  • Learn the two components of self esteem
  • Play an Inner and Outer Game
  • Enhance your Executive Presence


Confidence can be everyone’s secret weapon in the workplace. In this 45-minute webinar, discover how to make it yours to close the workplace gap.


Please contact Pamela directly by email at coaching@experiential.sg or telephone (+65) 6241 9834 to discuss having a webinar conducted for your organization.

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