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When it comes to making sales presentations, I see individuals doing this all the time. I know you’re asking yourself, what is the ‘this’ that I’m referring to? I’m referring to how people open their presentations.

They start by telling the prospect how large their company is, how many employees they have and the number of international offices and what they’ve done for a client in Timbuktu. All the while, the client is saying to himself, “So what?”

That type of introduction will not win you the sale because it doesn’t address the prospect’s needs.

After all, the presenter has done nothing to learn about the prospects’ most significant challenges to address those needs.

In the Art of Persuasion, Present with Power, Confidence & Authority workshop, you’ll learn first-hand the process for opening a presentation with impact, the elements of a persuasion presentation and how to close the presentation with a call to action.

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About the Author

Pamela Wigglesworth, CSP, is an international communication consultant, high-performance presentation coach, speaker, and CEO of Experiential. She helps clients establish their executive presence, structure a clear, concise message, and deliver their thoughts and ideas with style, confidence, and authority.